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Q: So, who are you guys anyway?

A: We are a couple of friends whose insatiable curiosity about the afterlife and spirituality has led us to form EMPS. Pat has been certified by the International Ghost Hunters Society since 2001 and Christy is a novice ghost hunter. We are based in Sidney, Montana, which is near the northeastern border between Montana and North Dakota, however we are willing to travel to your location if we are able to. It is important to mention that ghost hunting is not our career, as much as we'd like it to be. We have separate full time careers, families and other obligations. This is a labor of love for us and we try as hard as we can to accommodate your desired time line for us to investigate your home, business, or other location.

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Q: Are you psychics or mediums?

A: We are not witches, wicca, satanists or shaman. We are not psychics or mediums, although both of us have heightened awareness and sensitivities in paranormal situations (Pat much more so than Christy). We are not ministers or priests. Simply stated, we are scientific paranormal investigators.

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Q: What do you do during a ghost hunt?

A: When we arrive at your location, we will need a working area and access to all rooms in the house or business. During a ghost hunt, we use physical equipment to record evidence of paranormal activity. This equipment may include items, such as EMF Meters, Trifield Meters, Motion Detectors, Video Recorders with night vision, Night Vision Glasses, Digital Audio Recorders, Parabolic Microphones, Digital Scanners, Infrared Temperature Measurement Devices, and Digital Cameras, as well as other various equipment, depending on the situation. We will gather evidence over a certain period of time, typically two consecutive nights, 4 to 6 hours each night. During the ghost hunt, we always remember we are on private property and all due consideration is given that no damage comes to any part of your property. We conduct ourselves in a professional manner.
After the investigation we will take all data we collected and determine if the investigation is over or if more sessions will be needed. The analysis part can take quite a while, with multiple recorders and hundreds of photos to review. It is important to have patience during this period. When all investigating is over, we will take all data and put together a report for you, explaining our findings, and our thoughts on the events.

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Q: If you do a ghost hunt for me, how much am I expected to pay?

A: We are a nonprofit organization, which means to you, our services are free. It is true that we do encounter expenses due to travel and maintaining our equipment  however, no reimbursement of expenses or payment of money is required from you at any point. If you choose to make a donation to EMPS, it must be done completely at your discretion and never prompted by us. You should not feel obligated to donate to EMPS simply because we performed a service for you.

However, it is understood that any photo images, video, audio, or other information collected during an investigation at your location is the intellectual property of EMPS and may possibly be used on our website and/or other sources (i.e. radio appearances, newspaper, etc.) We do respect your privacy. If you do not want your home or business identified as having possible paranormal activity, we will protect your anonymity by using generalizations in your location and description. On the other hand, some people or establishments may enjoy the novelty of having a ghost in the place and welcome the advertisement of paranormal activity as a way to bring in customers. In this case, we would be happy to include your name and address in any descriptions. Please let us know your preference.

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Q: How long does a typical investigation take?

A: As previously mentioned, a typical investigative session lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, usually beginning after 11 p.m. We've had good experience investigating two nights in a row (typically a Friday and Saturday night in order to work around our work schedules.) However, if only one night works for you, we will do that. Sometimes we will ask if we can return in the future to see if we can capture more evidence, with your permission, of course.

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Q: What do you expect of me during a ghost hunt?

A: Before any investigation happens, we will set up a preliminary interview with you. This interview will be face to face, if possible, and at the location of the future ghost hunt. We will ask questions about what sort of activity has been witnessed and by who, etc. At the time of the preliminary interview we would also like to walk around and get first hand knowledge of the layout of the place and where we will be setting up. At this time we arrange a date and time with you to perform a ghost hunt.

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Q: May I be there with you when you do the ghost hunt?

Once we arrive for the hunt, it is imperative for the integrity of the investigation to have a controlled environment. We know that the prospect of being part of a ghost hunt is exciting and thrilling, but this will not be an opportunity for you or your friends and relatives to be able to observe a ghost hunt in action. If even one person is seen walking around and talking (outside of EMPS researchers), all audio and video collected may be deemed tainted, which means time and money have just been wasted. If this occurs, more than likely the investigation will be terminated. We need complete control of the area and the people around or we can not adequately determine if there is any paranormal activity occurring. In addition, we have noticed that having people present who are not trained in ghost hunting often are distracting and tend to hinder the researchers energies during the hunt. The bottom line is that we prefer to be the only people present during a ghost hunt. However, we do make exceptions in cases where security personnel or management officials need to be present to satisfy liability concerns.

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I want to invite you to perform a ghost hunt. What do I do now?

A: Go to our Request an Investigation Page or email us with details of what is happening and we will let you know if we can accommodate you. Understand that we have the final say on what cases we accept. We also have the right to call off an investigation at any time. A request for investigation must meet our criteria and schedules, and may be denied accordingly. If you simply have a question or are curious about something, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question or help you in any way we can.

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Can you get rid of the ghost that is at my home (or business)?

A: Our job is to document paranormal activity. We conduct our investigations in a scientific manner and do not act as mediums, psychics or clergy. We can only determine through personal experience and the scientific data collected, if your location may be experiencing something that is paranormal in origin. Many times paranormal activity is present simply because a spirit wishes to be acknowledged. It just so happens that the only way they can communicate is by things that might scare you, such as banging on walls, closing doors, moving objects, etc. Once you acknowledge their presence and realize that no maliciousness is intended, you may find the activity start to diminish or may decide that the ghost really doesn't need to go away after all.

Q: These ghosts have disrupted our home (or business) and we want the activity to stop.  

If you are unable to live with the spirit, or if it is harming you or your children, there are several options you have.

First, examine the energy that your dwelling projects to the spirit world. Is your location generally a happy place? Do arguments or fighting occur frequently? Is heavy drug or alcohol use occurring? Malevolent or otherwise negative spirits feed on the energy which we project to them. If your location emanates drama, anger, severe depression or addictive behaviors for example, spirits of that nature will just naturally gravitate there. On the other hand, if your location is generally stable in maintaining a positive atmosphere, negative spirits will not find it compatible and thus, move on. So, the first step to removing negative spirits from your location is to look inside yourself and see what kind of energy you (and the other occupants in your location) are projecting. The next step is to remove that negative energy from your location, by making the necessary changes in your personal life and in the relationships you have with those around you.

Secondly, it's important to be assertive and establish your authority within that location. 'Declare your sovereignty' in a respectful manner and tell the spirits to move on while wishing them well. Never be confrontational or provocative. Be polite (while firm) and exercise the control that is rightfully yours.

Finally, there is a method which can help you focus your intent in this endeavor. The "Cabbalistic Candle Ritual" can be performed in your location at certain times. The details of this ritual can be found HERE.

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How can I contact you if I have further questions?

A: Feel free to contact us at any time. You may use the Contact Us page on this website, or you may email Pat and Christy individually. All feedback, questions, discussions, etc. are welcome!

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